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Final Research Report & Recommendations

The North Bay Positive Spaces Research Project will soon be sharing the final report and recommendations with the community. Check back here to download your copy. UPDATE: Expected date to be uploaded is December 3rd.

If you would like to be emailed when the report is ready please submit your email address below:

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*You can participate in all 3 ways (online survey, focus groups and interviews)!
Actually, we encourage it!

The North Bay Positive Spaces Research Project is seeking LGBTQ2S+ people to participate in a online survey, focus groups and one-on-one interviews about your experiences and needs regarding access to services. By participating in our research, you will have the opportunity to share your important feedback and insights about how to improve access to services, and what kinds of services are needed for LGBTQ2S+ people in North Bay.

To stay connected to the project sign up for our email list! You will receive updates about the focus groups and interviews, when we will be presenting the results of the research, and you will also receive a copy of the final report once completed.